Do You Really Need to Replace Your Whole Window?

Do You Really Need to Replace Your Whole Window?

You might only need window glass repair work done in Lolo, MT

A window replacement typically involves replacing the pane and frame. If your window is busted but the frame is in good condition, scheduling window glass repair services can help you save money.

Legacy Glass, LLC of Lolo, MT can replace your broken window pane with an insulated window unit made of double-pane glass. These replacement panes are..

  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Energy-efficient

We can handle large-scale projects. Call 406-273-0173 now to arrange for glass repair services.

Glass repair might not be possible for worn-out or badly damaged windows. Our experts in Lolo, MT can examine your windows to see if window glass repair is an option.

If not, we'll take measurements, give you an estimate on new vinyl windows from Cascade Windows. You can trust us with your glass installation because we've got years of experience and have earned a stellar reputation for our quality work.

Make an appointment at your convenience.