Say Goodbye to Shredded Window Screens

Say Goodbye to Shredded Window Screens

Get window screen repair services in Florence or Lolo, MT

Between severe storms and the family pet, your window screens take a beating. Fortunately, Legacy Glass, LLC offers affordable window screen repair services. We'll fix your window screens at our fully equipped workshop in Lolo, MT.

If it's time to replace your tattered screens, we'll take measurements on-site to make custom screens for your home. Your screen installation options include...

  • Cost-effective nylon and aluminum window screens
  • Energy-efficient solar window screens
  • Durable pet screens

Contact us now to speak with a dedicated window screen repair or installation contractor.

You might only need to repair the screen and replace the rollers. You can trust our family-owned company in Lolo, MT with your screen installation because we have extensive experience repairing patio door screens. We take pride in our quality craftsmanship and customer service, and we know you will, too.

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